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IoT/IIoT Platform & GPS Tracking

Upgrading to an Industry 4.0 solution, like the implementation of a cloud-based IoT/IIoT system for Sensor Monitoring, or having an easy-to-use Fleet Management System/GPS System installed, has enormous benefit for many industries and businesses.

For more details on how iTracking Asia’s cloud-based IoT/IIoT monitoring platform or GPS tracking platform can help your business, click on any of the images below.

GPS Tracking

IoT Monitoring


Some of the benefits using
iTracking Asia Cloud Solutions

Up to date Record keeping

The iTracking Asia sensors management system routes and stores data on a secure server across the network. Data is accessible and archivable from any place.

Access data quickly

With authorization, users on all platforms can access the iTracking Asia Sensor Management System in real-time and retrieve data.

Less investment

You won’t need to make significant investments in data infrastructure because we take care of all data collecting and processing. Our uptime is as near to 100% as it gets as we use both on-premise and cloud servers.

Reduce cost

Collecting your data by hand is neither accurate nor timely. The Cloud Management Systems from iTracking Asia make
this easy by continuously collecting accurate data in real time.

Why Choose
iTracking Asia?

When it comes to implementing changes, experience is the best resource. iTracking Asia have designed and deployed cloud-based IoT monitoring systems in addition to fleet management systems for a long time.

Our Team are fully knowledgeable in executing a successful deployment, freeing you up to focus on managing your own business.

Where do we go

iTracking Asia believe, everyone should always have access to the data they require in order to perform their job.

What do we want to achive

iTracking Asia is interested in working with our clients to create a system that may reduce costs, enhance and free workflow.

Let’s together find the right solution for you.

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