• Multi-Device Tracking Technology

    Multi-Device Tracking Technology

    No matter where you are or what device you use, i-Tracking Thailand will provide the location info you need.
  • Local knowledge

    Local knowledge

    We also have 10 years experience of doing business in Thailand so understand the local details that are so important in ensuring a successful project.
  • Benefit From Decades Of Experience

    Benefit From Decades Of Experience

    We’ve provided tracking solutions spanning industry verticals from logistics to public transport to telecoms to oil. We have the knowledge to make your business more efficient.
  • Real time tracking

    Real time tracking

    i-Tracking Thailand provide peace of mind for business owners. We give you the capability to know exactly where your assets are at any moment in time.

Welcome to i-Tracking (Thailand) Ltd.
Your one stop provider of interactive GPS tracking solutions for vehicles, containers and people.

What We Do

In today’s business environment cost control is a key factor which more than ever includes transport cost, i-Tracking Thailand’s Fleet Management Solution helps control this; as well as improving customer service:
  • Improving delivery reliability
  • Improving fleet productivity
  • Reducing lead times
  • Reducing total fuel and distance travelled
  • Optimizing fleet mix
  • Optimizing the allocation of work to vehicles and territories
  • Maximizing the time and capacity utilization of vehicles
  • Making sound policy decisions by modelling multiple scenarios

If you want to drive change, there is no alternative to experience. Our team includes individuals who have built and run leading international transport businesses. They know the sector inside-out; they know how the transporters think and they know what works.

We are where you are

Registered members can get access to their profile via iTracking’s App – FMC Fleet Management & Control portal.

System is available for PC & Mac using web browser and Tablets & Mobile devices such as Android and IOS apps. Get your app from the stores.

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