i-Tracking Have Reduced Risk.

We had come to a point where there was a feeling some tracking was needed with regards to the usage of company vehicles relating to both company based kilometres and subsequent private mileage, as well as utilising time efficiently.

In the process of identifying a system a web search was made and i-Tracking came up and subsequently chosen.

Through the platform provided by i-Tracking an easy overview allowed us to meet those objectives and finding the site quickly was also a deciding factor. Costs were also within budget plans.

The systems has enabled us to identified working and travel patters that were not in line with planning and reporting procedures resulting in more efficient use of time.

Other reasons for making use of i-Tracking’s platform was also the quick reply on our first inquiry, installations were made on the agreed time and later the quick responses we receive for support.

For the system the follow points can be made;

  • It allows for an transparent overview of what personnel are doing, where and when.
  • It also allows us to keep a track on good time-keeping.
  • Live data relating to delays caused by heavy traffic volumes is available.
  • Fuel consumption can be monitored.
  • It allows us to build in a”private km allowance” thus avoiding the need for personnel to be “creative” when using company time for private reasons.
  • Excuses can be monitored,e.g. late due to traffic when in fact the lateness is caused by other reasons.

We can only recommend i-Tracking (Thailand) Co. Ltd.