Frequently Asked Questions

i-Tracking Thailand’s Fleet Management System (FMS) is very easy to navigate being one of the reasons it is so popular worldwide.

However some questions can arise. Below you will find some of the most common questions with answers.

Should you not find answer for your question please feel free to send us an mail about it using the form to the right.

  • Through better transparency of the logistic flow customer service can be improved, productivity can be increased through better scheduling, as well as enhanced driver safety and asset protection.

    Management of external staff can also be improved being efficiency and time management.

    Having a FMS allows your company to:

    • Optimize the fleet mix for numbers and kinds vehicles.

    • Improve customer service

    • Provide better-estimated arrival times.

    • Improve on-time delivery through better routing.

    • Resolve disputes when delivery times are questioned.

    • Manage Working Time for external staff efficiently via the DriverLink App.

    Improve productivity

    • Optimize existing routing.

    • Check for how long time customer stops takes.

    • Analysis and improve scheduling.

    Safeguard drivers and protect vehicle assets

    • Through behavior analysis driver safety is improved.

    • Monitor vehicle use during and after work hours.

    • Minimize use of unauthorized routes.

  • Yes, iTracking Asia’s FMS will not only make it possible to reduce fuel consumption, it will also save you costs via changes of driver behavior leading to less wear and tear on vehicles.

    Driver behavior can also be made for vehicles like for drivers so vehicles changing drivers also can be monitored, which again can save cost for maintenance. 

  • No. iTracking Asia probably safe you and your company much more money than it will cost to run it. The savings will come through improved productivity, reduced maintenance cost, savings on running cost and having the right number and mix of vehicles.

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