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As Business environment is changing, becoming more and more mobile i-Tracking has launched two mobile App’s supporting business meeting these daily challenges and at the same time improve productivity.

One App is for tracking, the other App makes it easy to stay in contact with staff on the move and assist them with directions.

Below is a description of the App’s with link for download by clients.

Link to presentation of DriverLink.

i-Tracking Mobile Tracking

Smartphone Tracking App from iTracking Asiai-Tracking’s mobile tracking App works as a GPS tracking solution on the smartphone. The App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After registration the App will start tracking the location of your smartphone on the i-Tracking platform.

Reason for using

i-Tracking’s mobile tracking App is a cost efficient solution for companies when giving support to staff with location or routes and families can make use of the App to insure close ones are safe. Event organizers can also make use of i-Tracking’s mobile tracking App if location of participants is part of the event.

Download App from either;

Google play


i-Tracking DriverLink

i-Tracking DriverLinki-Tracking’s DriverLink App can be used in connection with i-Tracking’s tracking platform or as support to an existing by the client.

The DriverLink app comes in three versions;

1. Conversation and map assist.
2. Conversation, map assist and route generations.
3. Conversation, map assist, route generation used with i-Tracking’s tracking platform.

How dose it work

Using the DriverLink App makes it possible to to stay in contact with employees on the move in a safe way. All communication is kept in one place between the office and employee, reducing the time used on administrative work.

DriverLink makes it possible to send locations to employees and via Google Maps on the Smartphone the quickest route will be suggested with the possibility of driver assist.

The DriverLink App makes it possible to send documents and pictures from the office to the employee and the other way.

If routes are repeated on a regular basis they can be created and reused again and again with detailed instructions reducing the administrative time used on that.

For either of the three versions it is possible to generate an electronic log book making it easy for both employee and company.
If i-Tracking’s tracking platform is used more then 40+ standard reports would be available.

Download App here;



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