i-Tracking has partnered up with Sense-Tech – a Danish company who developed a world class system for sensing the weight of any kind of vehicle. Sense-Tech’s system is today used in Europe, North and South America and Australia.

Overloaded vehicles are not just a safety risk in traffic. They also cost governments huge amounts of money in road maintenance and take valuable resources from other projects which then are not being developed. Overloaded vehicles also cause excessive damage to the vehicles themselves and companies who don’t monitor this end up spending more on maintenance of their vehicles; ultimately leading to a less profitable business.

The right sensor system can also reduce loss of cargo during transport or ensure that the company is not transporting more then agreed.

i-Tracking is therefore happy to announce that it can support any company in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam who wishes to know more about this system or any governmental office who would like to know how they could make use of such a system in tackling the ever raising cost of road maintenance and road safety.

Drop us an email or complete our enquiry form today and let’s get started!

You can learn more about Sense-Tech by visiting their website: