Child GPS Tracking

Knowing where your child is, and at the sametime know they are safe has been made easier with the iTracking Asia’s child GPS tracking device.

The GPS tracking device is small and therefore fits easy into a child’s pocket or school back. This way parents will feel more at ease and more confident that their child is safe and sound, whether heading to or from school, visiting a classmate/friend or staying at a caretakers place.

Access to the system is easy either via iTracking Asia’s Mobile App or Web Portal using Google Maps, monitoring movements or get alerts should the child leave preset zone in the system. Location data can be send every 30 sec. when moving or if a alert setting is breached making is very easy to make location of the child. ┬áThis way everyone keeps their independence and freedom yet it provides peace of mind knowing that if something should happen it would be easy to locate the child.

Key features:

  • You are at ease as alerts can be send if leaving zone’s.
  • Easy access via Mobile App on Smartphone.
  • Tracking device don’t feel intrusive.
  • You have security.