Static assets

static assets Investments in static assets many times are high, therefore protection of the assets is of importance as well ensuring downtime is keep at a minimum and assets stays in the right locations. iTracking Asia make this possible via its advanced Fleet Management System where monitoring and control of Static Assets are made easy.

Sensor can be installed making it possible to monitor in real-time parameters such as Location of Asset Engine status, Engine temperature, running hours, fuel level, drain of fuel. Alerts can be created which can be send either by mail, SMS or appear on the screen in the control center.

iTracking Asia’s platform gives the company a way which can reduce downtime at the same time gain peace of mind from knowing that the assets set is being maintained so that they can be sure it will start when needed, as well as gaining from a reduction in operations costs, more efficient delivery of services and an increase in equipment life.

Management via Apps

Monitoring of assets can also be done through iTracking’s App for Android and IOS it is possible to follow the status of the assets on either tablets or smartphones.

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Key Features

  • Capital investments in Static Assets many times are very high, therefore a reliable real-time monitoring system is of essence. iTracking Asia’s advanced Fleet Management Systems which allow for real-time monitoring is just that kind of platform, which allows monitoring of;

    • Fuel monitoring
    • Engine Temperature
    • Power connection
    • Weight monitoring
    • Location monitoring

    Real-time monitoring helps in reducing downtime and improves the rentability of the project.

  • Clients are able to setup Geo fences very easy on the platform.

    The Geo fence can be used to control when vehicles, assets or staff enter or leave a zone.

    The Geo fence can also be used to ensure vehicles or assets stay inside a zone. Alerts can be send if leaving via mail, SMS or a report can be generated in these events. A feature could also be installed on the vehicle or asset that it will not be able to start if not in side the zone.

  • If static assets is running on fuel iTracking Asia’s FMS make it possible to monitor fuel level and consumption from a distance.

    Enabling refilling when necessary and protect against drains. 

  • With more than 40+ standard reports control center and decision makers will be able to make quick and educated decisions, allowing them to concentrate on their main business.

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