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Tracking Trucks and containers

Tracking Trucks and Containers via iTracking Asia FMS.

iTracking Asia offers its customers more than two decades of experience in fleet management technology. Our advanced GPS Fleet Management System has a comprehensive range of features designed specifically for fleet managers and owners.

iTracking Asia’s platform enable the user of making trip replay, speed monitoring, geofence setting, location management, fuel/temperature/humidity control, task management, behavior analysis etc.

Management via App’s

Through iTracking’s App for Android and IOS it is very easy to follow vehicles on tablets or smartphones giving peace in mind.

The DriverLink App from iTracking Asia allows dispatchers to send messages, locations, documents and pictures to drivers. The driver can get map assist via google Map’s saving time and increasing productivity.

iTracking Asia provides it’s clients with a full Fleet Management System which also can be integrated with a CRM system.

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Key Features

  • Ware and tear on vehicles are reduced if speed is being monitored and controlled. iTracking’s FMS allows users to set specific speed limits for different groups of vehicles, alerts can be send either via mail, SMS or popup alert on the screen. Reports can be generated manually or automatic and send to relevant persons. 

    Safety of employees is also being improved if speed is monitored.

  • Clients are able to setup Geo fences very easy on the platform.

    The Geo fence can be used to control when vehicles, assets or staff enter or leave a zone.

    The Geo fence can also be used to ensure vehicles or assets stay inside a zone. Alerts can be send if leaving via mail, SMS or a report can be generated in these events. A feature could also be installed on the vehicle or asset that it will not be able to start if not in side the zone.

  • Fuel management can be made in several ways and iTracking Asia’s FMS support a wide range like;

    • Fuel sensor in the tank,
    • ultrasonic sensor mounted on the outside of tank
    • Contact less reading from CANBus wire
    • Read from OBDII
    • If possible making use of float in the tank.

    Monitoring fuel consumption can save up to 15 – 20% in fuel cost.


  • Weight control can be achieved in several ways;

    • Make use of weight sensors on the truck, if installed.
    • Install weight sensor system on Air/hydraulic system.
    • Install weight sensor system on the axles of the truck. 

    Monitoring the weight on trucks adds several things to the Fleet Management.

    The weight monitoring will reduce the wear and tear on the vehicle’s, fuel cost will be reduced, road safety will improve and check on deliveries can be made.

  • Via conditions set in the system different reports can be generated and drives can hereafter be educated in how they can improve.

    This will reduce the wear and tear on the vehicles and reduce the fuel consumption as well as improving road safety. 


  • iTracking Asia’s Fleet Management System have more than +40 standard report.

    If clients should need special they can be developed up on request.


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