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i-Tracking’s DriverLink App can be used in connection with i-Tracking’s tracking platform or as support to an existing platform used by the company.

The DriverLink App is available for both Android or IOS devices.

The DriverLink app comes in three versions;

1. Conversation and map assist.

2. Conversation, map assist and route generations.

3. Conversation, map assist, route generation used with i-Tracking’s tracking platform.

Click here for a video presentation of the DriverLink App.

How does it work

Using the DriverLink App makes it possible to to stay in contact with employees on the move in a safe way. All communication is kept in one place between the office and employee, reducing the time used on administrative work.

DriverLink makes it possible to send locations to employees and via Google Maps on the Smartphone the quickest route will be suggested with the possibility of driver assist.

The DriverLink App makes it possible to send documents and pictures from the office to the employee and the other way.

If routes are repeated on a regular basis they can be created and reused again and again with detailed instructions reducing the administrative time used on that.

If version 2 or 3 of DriverLink is used the Working Time function allows viewing of information about workers’ working time and rest periods. Every worker can record the beginning and end time of their work day, as well as specify the time interval of their rest periods.

In addition to that, the application can record the exact location where the workers have started and finished their work day.


All the information collected via the DriverLink App and i-Tracking’s Tracking platform is displayed in various reports and can be used to analyze and optimize business processes.

For either of the three versions it is possible to generate an electronic log book making it easy for both employee and company.

If i-Tracking’s tracking platform is used more than 40+ standard reports would be available.

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Key Features

  • Create new tasks for your field workers and drivers quickly.

  • Update drivers’ work plan and route while they’re on the go to avoid unnecessary additional trips.

  • With the Work Time function makes it easy to see numbers of working hours ensuring billing is correct.

    Invoicing can also be made as soon as the job is done as reporting is in real time. 

  • Task statuses are updated in real time, and drivers/ field workers can send additional information requests to managers.

  • Managers receive a notification and can instantly get in touch with a client or a field worker when necessary.

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