Accident detection

Car Accident

How to reward sensible drivers and at the same time help other to improve, with iTracking Aisa’s easy to install and user friendly application for insurance companies and companies in general this has now been made possible.

Via iTracking Asia’s Fleet Management System and it’s Driver Behavior module it is now possible to assist the insurance companies claims departments with evaluation of claims. At the same time it is possible to companies or private vehicle owners keep a record over any accidents which may happen.

The accident detection is made possible via a telematic device  installed in the vehicle which makes it possible to detect from where the impact is coming, time and location. This information can be send to the insurance company and the vehicle owner.

As most drivers are driving responsible they therefore will be able to receive lower insurance premium.

The Driver Behavior module also enable Companies to reward drivers taken care of the companies vehicles which in turn also gives the company a better reputation, at the same time leading to lower maintenance costs. 

Key Features

  • Via a easy installed telematic device it is possible to detect from where impacts are coming, time and position. 

  • Looking at Driver behavior very often also mean assisting the Driver in getting a better working day by educating him in where he can improve.

    It also reduces the wear and tear on vehicles, fuel consumption and make the driving more safe.

    It is not possible to rate either Drivers or Vehicles.

  • With more than 40+ standard reports dispatchers and decision makers will be able to quick and educated decisions, allowing them to concentrate on their main business.

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