iTracking Asia provides to its clients one of the most advanced GPS Fleet Management Systems (FMS) enabling them to concentrate on their business, knowing they always will be able to monitor and receive data when needed in real-time.

As iTracking Asia’s platform is solution oriented most industries will be able to find solutions for their requirements. If a special need arise iTracking Asia together with the client will find the solution for it.

Fleet Management


iTracking Asia offers its customers two decades of experience in fleet management technology. Our advanced GPS Fleet Management System has a comprehensive range of features designed specifically for fleet managers and owners… For further information click here

Cold Chain


Control of the cold chain is becoming common more and more important. iTracking Asia provides its clients with a GPS Fleet Management System which give them peace in mind as they know informations will come in real-time…For further information click here

Earth, Heavy & Rental Eqp.


Investments in Earth Moving, Heavy or Rental equipment is often very high so downtime should be at a minimum, equipment should be in the right locations for getting the right return on investment. iTracking Asia’s real-time Fleet Management System provides just the right information for this…For further information click here

static assets


iTracking Asia’s advanced Fleet Management System enable clients to monitor static asset, such as pump stations, power generators, GSM towers, pipeline valve points, tank levels, cold storage facilities from a distance via real-time update of information…For further information click here

Container Management


iTracking Asia’s Container Management System is developed so it can track and monitor refer or dry containers across the globe and can stay on line for up to 5 years based on 1 position per day…For further information click here



iTracking Asia’s GPS Fleet Management Solutions is used to track and manage marine fleets across the globe. Passenger, freight and fishing operations rely on the real-time alerts feature to watch over their fleet 24 hours a day…For further information click here

Passenger transport


In addition to common fleet management responsibilities, passenger transport operators face other unique challenges. Governments create regulations that constantly change and the market demands high levels of safety, which require careful monitoring…For further information click here

Transport of people.

Transporting passenger with iTracking Asia's FMS

Management of private vehicles or vehicles used for transportation of people raises several questions like; security of the persons transported in the vehicle, which route is the vehicle taking, Driver behavior..For further information click here

Accident detection


How to reward sensible drivers and at the same time help other to improve, with iTracking Aisa’s easy to install and user friendly application for insurance companies and companies in general this has now been made possible…For further information click here.

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Transport of people.

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